Love Stories

by Staircase Spirits

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released December 8, 2017

Written by Staircase Spirits and Rob Kemerson. Produced, mixed and mastered by Jonas Vece.


all rights reserved



Staircase Spirits Los Angeles, California

Pop-rock from the golden coast.

Staircase Spirits is Anna Maria and Eva "Protector of Pockets, First of her Name, Queen of Meerkats, the Undeterred" Friedman.

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Track Name: California Winter
It's not that I wasn't happy without you here. It's just that now I can't picture how it was without you near. And promise can break, and feelings somehow change, and nothing's ever guaranteed - but the past is yesterday, and all that melts away with the way you look at me.

"I love you" lights a fire but it doesn't say what really counts - though a younger me thought that pretty words were what it's all about. But time has taught me things, and I've survived the rains and storms life threw at me. You came in like a wave, and here I stand amazed by the way you look at me.

Because tonight, I don't want our song to end. Everything's right, so keep pulling me close and then, oh then, with each kiss upon my lips, I can't say much but I'll say this - tonight, tonight, tonight, I don't want our song to end.

I've never been the best at admitting how I really feel. Always terrified, living gun shy that it won't be real. So I just want to say - no, I just have to say, that even if this doesn't last, I'm grateful for the way you made me live today instead of dwelling on my past.
Track Name: Lullaby
As life moves, it takes us places we always swore we'd never go, and as time erases faces we forget all we know. So just promise me one thing, one last played out, hollow oath. Whisper one last perfect melody into my dreams before you go.

Yes, I know that it's too late, and Love - you know I'll never say it. I'll just pour my heart out in a verse, hide it away so you can't break it. And I wonder if you wonder if we could've got this right. Lonely hearts all have their secrets, and yes I still miss what could've been tonight.

Every night's a little longer, as I'm dreaming of those eyes. Still, every day my heartbeat's stronger, we're both learning to survive. And though it seems that all our luck's run out, we've played our final hand, you'll always have a place that's here with me hidden away beneath life's plans.

Some nights may be harder, so just rest your tired eyes. Every tear makes us stronger, we both know we'll survive. Though our lullaby is scored and done, our final notes at hand, all these memories might seem cruel today, but they'll resolve in the end.
Track Name: Zach's Song
There's not a lot that matters when a heart breaks. There's not a lot that you can say. Pretty words and "I'm sorry", they don't mean a thing when you're still going away.

So can we just go back tonight? To those younger years when we were still on the same side. Can we just go back for once? Back when things were good, before I fucked it up?

All I can say is I'm sorry for everything that I did before. It doesn't change it but maybe if you came home I could get this right. If I was you, I'd stay gone after all this time.

Looking back, I see it, you were always there when the rest just turned away. If I called, you were always there to walk me home, but I couldn't see it past my pain.

I know we're older know and life goes on, and I owed you better than some too-late sorry song, but in the end this is the least I can do - to say I know I was wrong, and that I miss you, and I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.
Track Name: Skyline
There's a place that I used to drive, up where Skyline feels like it's really the sky. There's a place that I know. It's far behind me now, but somehow it's still home.

Am I home if I can't feel the ocean? In the distance, it calls me even now. Brings me back to sweet home California, oh, it's my heart. It's my home.

There's a place that we used to go, off Mulholland where I swear we found our souls. There's a place that I've been, it's miles away but I still feel it deep within.

Every wave carries an echo of the places I have left, all the late nights and the faces, all the ones that brought me up. They're still here, right beside me, every time I close my eyes. Walking with me, like a whisper, telling me to stay alive. And wherever they are in this life, I hope they know they're loved. It mattered then, it matters now, even when it's not enough.

There's a place that I used to drive, up where Skyline feels like it's really the sky. There's a place that I know. It's far behind me now, but somehow it's still home.
Track Name: That Night III
There was a time, not so long ago, when I let my fire burn out. Through beaten eyes, each sunrise looked cold, screaming but nothing came out.

I might be bleeding, but I'm still breathing.

How could I know the darkness would go? Back then, I thought that it was all I ever could see. I won't live my life being scared of the night. With stars still shining brightly, nothing's ever quite as dark as it seems.

They always say, what goes up must come down - and I'm living proof that it's true. But from the bottom, there's a choice to be made. Can't let anyone make it for you.

10 months have gone, and now nothing's the same, the life that I built brought to dust by faithless ghosts that I thought were like blood - rock bottom teaches you who you can trust.

Tried to unmake me, still couldn't break me.

Someday, the scars I thought would break me will just be a map of all that's shaped me. I thought the nights were getting longer. Though I was right, they made me stronger.

I'll fight for this forever cause it's never quite as far as it seems.

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